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Physical Education Books/Publications


“Make It, Take It!” By the Great Activity Publishing Company


“No We Are Not Playing Dodgeball” by Mike Bohannon


“SPARK” by John J. Ratey M. D.


“SHAPE America Standards & Grade Level Outcomes for K-12 Physical Education” by SHAPE America


“Instant Activities Volume 1:  Dice Games” by Kevin Tiller


“The Great Games Handbook” by Kevin Tiller


“The First Six Minutes” by Hal Kramer


“Phys. Ed & Fun” by Kevin Tiller


Any publications from J. D. Hughes


“Neuro Teach Brain Science and the Future of Education” by Glenn Whitman and ian Kelleher


“Brain Rules” by John Medina


“Affordable Portables” by Chris Cavert


“201 Small-Sided Games” by Guy Bailey


“Physical Education:  Outside the Box” by Bud & Sue Turner


“Physical Education Fireworks” by Jane B. Doss


"Building Character, Community, and a Growth Mindset in Physical Education With Web Resource Activities That Promote Learning and Emotional and Social Development" by Leigh Anderson and Donald Glover

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